Posted on: April 8, 2017

Central Fire Protection District and Santa Cruz City Fire Crews Rescue Man from Coastal Rock Wall

Santa Cruz and Central Fire crews spent five hours jackhammering a rock wall about 30 yards north of Moran Lake Beach on Friday morning to rescue a man stuck in the coastal barrier at least overnight.

The man was not hurt and did not remember why he crawled in the rocks along the residential waterfront, Battalion Chief John Walbridge said.

“We’ve had a couple people who have fallen in the rocks with their feet sticking out like overturned turtles, but this is a first,” Walbridge said.

The rescue started about 8 a.m. after someone heard the man calling for help. A laborious rescue ensued at the 2-feet by 3-feet hole and the man was free about 1 p.m. Friday.

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